Far Away Villa: The Triumphant Story of Building a Tropical Retreat

Our first vacation to Blue Horizon was in March 2012 when our son Alex was 12 years old. After the all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica, we were looking for a place more authentic, private, and self-directed. We were sold on the unique and rugged beauty of the Blue Horizon Resort by then property manager Christie.

That first Turks and Caicos visit was an unforgettable adventure. Alluring turquoise water, the scent of tropical air, the novelty of driving on the wrong side of the road all combine to transport you to a better state-of-mind! We spent two wonderful vacations at Mudjin Harbour and then tried a lovely resort in Sandy Point, North Caicos. But Mudjin Harbour was our favourite and in March 2015 we made an offer on lot 57 at the Sotheby’s Realty office in Provo. The sellers made one counter offer and the deal was complete. By December 2015 we were Mudjin Harbour land owners!

We contracted Dave Smith and Lewis Walkin of Cays Construction, and Far Away Villa was started in September 2016. Many thanks to Dave and Lewis for building this beautiful home, to Franck Aubert of West Indies International Furniture for our superbly handsome teak furniture, and to our on-site spies, Mike and Susan, for the snapshots, emails and support along the way.

Matthew, Valerie and Alex Mawhinney

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