Discover the inspiration of Far Away Villa’s name – a tale of imagination and reflection

On our 2016 visit we were sitting in Seawings Villa brainstorming names for our tropical home. We pondered Flamingo and Pelican and all of those too-obvious cliches when Matthew said, “This is like a fairy tale, long ago in a land far-far away: we could call it Far-far Away.”, which has lots of possibilities. There is a dragon (the rocks at the beach are called Dragon Cay because it resembles a dragon), and caves (nearby Indian Cave is where the indigenous Lucayan Indians hung out), and it’s on a thinly populated tropical island.

When you arrive, you discover that being far away gives you a fantastic, 360-degree panoramic view, refreshing trade winds across the back deck, and as much privacy as you could ever want!

We hope you enjoy our special little piece of paradise!

Matthew, Valerie and Alex Mawhinney

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